December 2009 & January 2010

December 2009 & January 2010

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The global warming (or is it seat warming) conference in Copenhagen has revealed just how much we are divided on what to do. The industrialized nations, who are producing the most emissions are reluctant to put serious offers in place.  The undeveloped nations, mainly African, want compensation as they consider themselves victims.

None of us are victims.  We all waste, consume and populate unsustainably. The clock is ticking. 

Should you want to see the clock, visit the world meter  - here .  noting that . . . .

134,411 Species that have become extinct last year (2009) and  2,261 have already gone this year - 2010

Scary stuff.  Ed.

 Report Back


We ask, again, all those traveling to and from Johannesburg to avoid the two Engen 1Stops near the Tugela Toll road. The wastewater systems are not functioning and by supporting Engen and the Wimpy outlet, you are adding to the pollution problem.  As an option, the Shell Ultra City, just 20 odd kms further, is well equipped to handle everything you've got. There is a Steers there, and you will find the food is just as good.  

The last newsletter, we commented on the fish eagle being an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. 

Dr. Ian Player , founder of the Duzi canoe Marathon was once  asked,

'How will we know when our rivers are healthy again?'

Dr Player: 'When you hear the fish eagle."

We received this from Judith:

Great articles as usual!  Worrying point - Fish Eagle chicks on the Vaal River are dying of heavy metal poisoning and this river has the fewest Fish Eagles on it of any SA River. 

Judith went on to comment on the Green and Blue Drop awards 

eThekwini cannot  have 11 drops of any colour awarded as only one of each is given.  Joburg Water has one of each.  Drops were awarded in PE recently and PE didn't receive any!

Thanks Judith.  We needed confirmation on the "Drops".  It was Neil Macleod, Durban Water and Sewage Head, who told us his department had achieved 11 drops. 

We would like to add that Neil Macleod is a highly accomplished, educated and skilled person, with a long history of achievements, who has simply thrown all this away to become just another politician. Ed

(See Durban's UD toilets)

  Urine Diversion (UD) Toilets - Durban

Years ago, the need for rural sanitation resulted in many thousands of Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP's) latrines - similar to the infamous long drops -  were offered to the public and particularly to those living in the Inanda Dam catchment area.  Years of use proved that this system was not only costly to maintain, but as one metro official put it, they were not environmentally friendly.  And so, Neil Macleod embarked on an ambitious plan to change the system to the urine diversion toilet, where da-pee goes in one part of de-loo, and da-poop in another.  Very successful overseas, says Neil.  However, the R500 million project has failed, with only about 10% of the population using the new systems.  The long drops being preferred, as they are simpler to use.

The concept has been  imposed on the population, like most things Durban Metro have done, and we are simply expected to accept it.

So successful is Neil Macleod, that his boss Mike Sutcliffe has awarded him a 30% increase, cleverly disguised as a "scarce skills" fee.  Mad Mike and his favourite people are all classed as "scarce skilled" and managed to extract the funds from the deep pocketed public. This is seen as a political move to reward all those that have helped the cause.  Neil Macleod has accepted this and has proved his qualifications and achievements are now contaminated, polluted and worthless. Ed

PS Neil says that Durban Metro are pioneers. We can only agree.  After spending 500 mill on a failed toilet project, and then to get rewarded with a massive bonus, is a great step into the unknown.

Pioneers?  Or just Pie on Ears ?

(see Microsoft below)

  Germ Killers

Oxymorons (or simply morons)

The list of germ killers below that claim to be safe for septic tanks.

1. Jik
Sodium, Hypochlorite
Reckett, Benckiser
2. Harpic toilet cleaner
Benzalkonium, Chloride,
Reckett, Benckiser
3. Jeyes Bleach
Sodium Hydroxide,
Adcock Ingram
4. Domestos
Sodium, Hypochlorite,

 Water - Time Capsules

Durban  - the beach at sunrise.

  Bill Gates visits Sanitation Projects

Neil Macleod toured rural areas (in Europe?) with Bill Gates, the ex - Microsoft supreemo, recently.  On his return, Neil was quizzed about the failed UD toilet project here. 

Whilst he is no expert in the field of the many unused facilities here in Durban, Bill Gates knows what is wrong.  If you look at the overpriced structure (OS), you will find that there are no windows. Or gates. Just the bill !

 Dung Divorce


Steve - Wastewater Watch