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Sep 21

June 2009

Its official.  As reported in the latest edition of Water Sewage and Effluent, septic tanks (or rather soakaways ) are outlawed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF).  WSE quoted,

"septic tanks posed a threat to the surrounding environment "  

It'd been a long road, but we are nearly there.  We will tackle Durban Metro on this issue in due course. (also see tail piece). 

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Hibberdene Spar.

We have, again, good reason to include Hibberdene...

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Sep 21

May 2009

Now that our elections are over, we will expect to see a lot more showering in government.  This could mean that we will see a reduction water usage, and also a reduction in Aids.

The SA elections were held on the same day as Earth Day, and suggest there is some hidden meaning. Despite the showering and the AIDS, SA population is expanding faster than infrastructure, electricity and water supplies can be provided. Already the world's resources are in "deficit".

The world bank...

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Sep 21

April 2009

Since just before Christmas, we have done a fair bit of travelling, from Cape Town to the Okavango Delta and covering over 15 000 kms - on a quest to find solutions to water related problems. 

While 'recharging batteries', one thing hits home now more than ever before,

What a wonderful world.

I just can't seem to imagine earth without water, despite being reminded every single day.

Do we know what earth looks like without water?

Yip.  Look at the moon.        ...

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Sep 21

March 2009

At the point of launching the new website we had 140 new visitors in 6 hours, which shows there is some real interest. In these newsletters, we simply report what is a repeat of what you, the public, have been saying all along. All we do is write it down, and publish it.

And one reader asked if I was not in jail yet?. 

No, not yet! 

Another ( a supplier - no less) asked if gate signs mean nothing to us. He was referring to the "No entry. Trespassers will be prosecuted"...

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Sep 21

February 2009

New Website

We have a brand new website, which will transport the mailing list based newsletter, into cyberspace. Please visit us here.

As it is still new, it will need some blending, tweaking, add-ons and refreshments. But, all in good time!

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It is becoming more apparent that the reports on the industry, not only by us, is beginning to gain ground.  The developers, estate managers, environmental agents, NGO's, and government are no longer turning a blind eye...

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