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Sep 20

August 2008

Water will always be our most important asset.  We use it to flush, to dilute, to heat and to cool. And when we are finished, we drink it. And despite it being used and used and used, it will never wear out or change it's properties. It will always be just that, water. And in a world where 70% of the surface is water (more with global warming), only 1.2 % is tasked with the above duties.  Why is it that we allow it to be abused?  Only when wastewater no longer has waste in...

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Sep 20

June / July 2008

Whoever said, "life gets slower the older you get", has not reached this age. Rather, once you are over the hill, things s-p-e-e-d up.

Once again, we have had some really energetic response, indicating that despite living in a very materialistic world, there is still abundant conscience.

As 2008 is the year marked for sanitation, the hope that enough effort will be made to provide better sewage solutions, preventing water pollution and building a world platform. As a...

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Sep 20

December 2007 - March 2008

I will have to admit that this monthly newsletter, intended to be a monthly item, was last written in November. Looking back, always in retrospect, it was never because we have little to report on, but there was just too much. This edition of the Wastewater Watch has been rewritten about four times. And the response from each newsletter is proof that many of us do care about our environment, and our function is to pass on information..

Since our last communiqué, we have seen...

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