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Sep 21

February - April 2010

This newsletter is late again, despite the efforts for problem-free publication. But we have still a lot to say, and the sheer volume of 'report backs' is overwhelming.  Our two special reports will be released shortly. One, on the Green Drop programme and another on the new Water Institute of SA's (WISA) division on small waste water treatment works (SWWTW) - both too lengthy to fit into our short & sweet format.  

As the SA leadership fails to lead, the civil servants fail...

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Sep 21

December 2009 & January 2010

Another meeting place has been abandoned with a great deal of hot air and nothing much else.  The global warming (or is it seat warming) conference in Copenhagen has revealed just how much we are divided on what to do. The industrialized nations, who are producing the most emissions are reluctant to put serious offers in place.  The undeveloped nations, mainly African, want compensation as they consider themselves victims.

None of us are victims.  We all waste, consume and...

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Sep 21

October / November 2009

Each day we find the same topics making news, and ask how come old stuff is always newsworthy.  James Bond, in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, was not risking his life and country to chase after secret documents, galactic nuclear weapons, or voluptuous long legged Russian spies (ok - exclude that). The story was all about water - clean water. 

Public meetings, conferences, workshops and discussions have been designed to get enough concerned people together to change unlawful laws and...

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Sep 21

August / September 2009

There are not many of us out there that have not heard of global warming.  Green house gasses, Ozone depletion, ice caps melting, & de-forestation are all part of our lives.  2000 years ago there were an estimated 200 million people on this planet, and the world was in balance.  We now have nearly 7 BILLION people.  The fact that each one of us contributes to the imbalance, using cars, coal fired / nuclear powered generators, all adds up.  But what about people themselves....

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Sep 21

July 2009

The year in already half full (or half empty if you are a pessimist) and we know that the next six months will fill up even quicker. 

And, for those environmental pessimists who believe the end is near -  Relax. We have good news.

See tail piece.

 Report Back

Septic (sceptic) Durban Metro

We have again made contact with Neil Macleod - Head of Water and Sanitation - Durban Metro in reference to a number of issues, including policy, septic tanks and the package plant...

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